The Greek letter Lambda, which is in the form of a delta, was adopted by the Spartans as the symbol of pride of Laconia which is the region of Greece where Sparta was located.  Although the Spartans fought for all of Greece, they distinguished themselves by affixing a Lambda on their most cherished possession – their hoplon or shield.  The Spartan shield was treated as a family heirloom and was passed down from father to son.  Spartan mothers and wives would tell their sons and husbands leaving for battle, “…with your shield or on it,” because dropping your shield to retreat in battle was a grave dishonor to their country and family.  The Spartan army stood at the heart of the Sparta state where all citizens were trained in the discipline and honor of a proud warrior society.  Subject to training in the ways of combat from an early age, Spartans were the most feared warriors of their time.  Combat has changed a great deal since the days of Sparta, but what has not changed is the discipline and honor of a proud warrior society.  When we set out to design a logo to represent our brand, we could think of nothing better than a logo that emulates a Spartan hoplon.